Member Deal and Discounts

Membership has its benefits. For EDG members, that includes:

  • Member-to-member discounts
  • Local retail and restaurant discounts
  • 25% off event sponsorship
  • 50% off e-blast marketing
  • Social media co-branding
  • Defacto Chamber of Commerce affiliation (Keller and NE Tarrant)

Exclusive Member Marketing and Networking

Building a trusted brand within the EDG community sets you apart from your competitors. Through listing in our member's business directory and access to participate in Member Accountability Pods (MAPs), we foster unique connections and mentoring amongst our membership.

Member Only Events

Anyone can attend our weekly Know & Grow meetings, but only members gain access to exclusive Head-Hand-Heart events.

  • Wisdom webinars
  • Members meetings
  • Quarterly charity mixers
  • Annual social events
Servant Leadership

WANTED: Servant Leaders

Leadership and volunteer opportunities are available at EDG, but not your classic self-promotion variety. We're looking for servant leaders with an "others first" mentality.

  • Board members
  • Know & Grow team members
  • Special event team members
  • Membership team members
  • Social media champions

All positions are filled internally by EDG members.

Join as a Member

We're growing a dynamic community of professionals with an other-centered attitude. If that describes you, then join today!